Thursday, July 27, 2006

Conerstone 2006 Coverage Part I

Tim has a good post on watching Donnie Darko at the Imaginarium.

“Donnie Darko” played to a standing room only crowd, about half of which were part of the Goth crowd, dressed primarily in black. The guy introducing the film asked how many of the group had seen the movie before. About two-thirds raised their hands. Then he asked how many of us had seen it more than once. Not many hands came down. Then he asked, “How many have seen it five times or more.” Almost a third still held their hands high. As he counted ever higher, the hands remained held high. I started to anticipate an addicting, or at least engaging, film.

While watching “Donnie Darko” though, I could hear a group of people just outside of the tent singing songs like “Light of the World” and “Jesus is the Light” over and over. This vigil lasted for at least an hour. I guess they were quite concerned about this year’s theme at the Imaginarium and this film in particular. At first I wasn’t sure what to make of it. Should I be sympathetic with them and also be concerned about this “dark” film? It was quite confusing in the beginning and the language was a bit course. But as the story unfolded I became very intrigued with the characters, their plight, and some of the futuristic issues they were addressing, i.e. time-travel specifically, and the freedom of our choices in general.

By the end I was a fan of the movie. I might even have to see it again. It made me wonder if any of the protesters actually saw the movie. Although the writer (and director) claims to be an agnostic, the strongest themes in the film (and especially the final act) seem to me to be quite “Christian.”

It was good to spend some time contemplating the temperal nature of this life, those who have gone on before us, and the importance of how we live the days we've been given. It's sometimes easier to appreciate the light when it is juxtaposed with the dark. And besides darkness is a great time to sleep, which is what I must now do.
I'll have to rent Donnie Darko now. Thanks Tim.

More to come...

- Peace

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Getting Caught Up

I think I've been neglecting this space cause I knew I had to say goodbye to some favorite blogs who've stopped blogging, that and I had to face I wasn't going to cstone 2006. Well cstone 2006 is past and I need to start posting about some of the web coverage, but I'll start by droping some blogs that haven't been updated or down right abandoned. Goodbye fair blogs we hardly knew ye:

Adventures in Washington
Farmhouse Blues
Glenn Kaiser Blogsite
Hardcore Poetics
Heroes from the Past

next post, some new blogs, then some cstone 2006 coverage :)

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Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Ecclesiology of the Emerging Church

JPUSA, the good folks who put on cstone every year are mentioned as forerunners of the Emerging Chruch. Just thought that was interesting, and I'd have to agree.

- Peace

Friday, March 10, 2006

It's a Small World

The internet lets people find their connection to you, like the comment on one of me CStone 2005 Pics.

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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Paste Podcast

Paste Magazine joined the podcasting world today:
Featuring live tracks and an interview with Buddy Miller, Paste Arthouse Powerhouse, full tracks of new music, an essay by Andy Whitman and more.

It's an hours worth of Paste! BTW Joe Kirk who does the Buddy Miller interview is one of the guys I camp with at Cornerstone.

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Happy 2006 and a new friend

Jen's Page as seen on A Desperate Kind of Faithful.

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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Dale is Engaged


Dale is engaged to a wowman he met at cstone this year. SwanSmith has the details.

- Peace

Friday, November 18, 2005

POD Live at Cornerstone

OK I missed POD at Cornerstone in 2004, but I just noticed that they've included the live version of Boom from CStone on their new The Warriors Ep Vol.2.

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